Synthetic Additives

It is the right additives which make a synthetic product what it is. Softeners, for example, determine the flexibility, other additives prevent fire, deformations or oxidation. The spectrum is immense – and so there are countless processes for precise conditioning of synthetic additives. We develop the suitable process with you.

We have gathered a wealth of know-how in synthetic additives in the last twenty years. A milestone was a large-scale project in 2010 in which we were not only able to convince a valuable customer but also significantly strengthen Germany’s standing as a chemical site. With government subsidies we have built a plant in Genthin at a cost of millions – competitive and with many new jobs. We have Federal Immision Control Act approval at this site which allows the building of such plants adapted to the required process methods.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the processes for the fluidised bed technology. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Application examples

  • Fire protection agents
  • Softeners
  • Heat stabilisers
  • Light stabilisers
  • Antioxidants