The production of detergents requires reliable, reproducible processes. The products must have good flow properties, must be easily dosable and at the same time redispersible – in consistently high quality. At the same time, the pressure of competition on the consumer market demands low-cost production.

The fluidised bed technology, for example spray granulation perfectly satisfies these requirements and is also economical. The material is efficiently exploited, raw materials are highly effective, excellent product characteristic ensure competitiveness.

The consumer’s environmental conscience is growing. A narrow majority of German consumer’s is currently demanding environmentally friendly detergents, more and more people want compressed fuels. Changes in the recipes demand new manufacturing techniques. Our customers are facing challenges here – and we are there to support them with 20 years of experience.

inprotec AG’s largest market has always been detergents.  With the purchase of the former Henkel granulation plants in 2009 we were able to further expand this segment. In 2017 we made another big investment to expand our production capacities in this sector by 50,000 tons per annum.

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Application examples for the fluidised bed technology

  • Automatic dishwashing detergent
  • Raw materials for washing powders
  • Defoamers
  • Surfactants
  • Functional additives
  • Complexing agents