The following flexible logistics services round off our portfolio:

Supply of Precursors

Liquid Precursors

  • Road tankers
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Rail tank cars (possible at Genthin site)

Solid Precursors

  • Big Bags (250–1,000 kg)
  • Drums
  • Bags (15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg)
  • Silo trucks

Dispatch Organisation

We will be happy to organise transport of the goods back to the orderer or to the desired external warehouse for four customers. Of course, we will also organise direct delivery to the end customer.



In Heitersheim:

  • 1.100 m3 distributed among 10 storage tanks

In Genthin:

  • 100 m3 distributed among 9 storage tanks

Some of the precursor tanks can be heated.


In Heitersheim:

  • 2,500 pallet storage spaces (under expansion)
  • 100 storage spaces for hazardous goods class 9

In Genthin:

  • 500 pallet storage spaces

We also offer silos for storing solid bulk materials.


Storage is possible on our own sites or with third parties.