Our portfolio aims completely at our customers’ requirements because we know that the time to market launching is tight, joint decisions need to be made on a solid basis. Customers benefit from our expertise. We have been gathering experience for years – with many different products from many different markets.

The partner concept comprises 4 phases of collaboration.
A proven procedure that ensures efficiency and safety.

Clarification Phase – the Feasibility Assessment

Our team of experts discusses the basics with the customer: What does the product have to do, what properties does it need? Is any experience already available from test series or production?

In this way we clarify the feasibility of the project and make suggestions about the implementation within a few days.

Laboratory Phase – the Feasibility Confirmation

We examine the feasibility in our own laboratory. In this phase, our team of experts can already assess whether the project can also be realized on an industrial scale.

The laboratory phase also only lasts a few days at the end of which we get semi-representative samples of the product. Small sample quantities of 100 grams to 5 kilograms serve as a basis for the further process. They concretise our customers’ ideas and expectations.

Pilot Phase – Representative Samples

The aim of the pilot phase is to manufacture reproducible samples of the product. We also define the process parameters for future product campaigns and we draw up a budget calculation.

Our customers use the prototypes to test the market chances of the product or other processing steps.

Our pilot plant can produce sample quantities from 20 to 5,000 kilograms in both batch and continuous processes. The plant is therefore ideal for small series productions of all kinds.

Production Phase – Large-scale Campaigns

Contract drying or contract production of the powder or granulate begins in the industrial production plants. We start with a test phase: The results from the pilot phase are optimized further and the process parameters are adapted until we get the best possible product in consistent quality.

In the course of the further production campaigns, the process parameters are gradually adapted and developed further.

Your Advantages

  • Short development time from the feasibility tests to production or series maturity of the product
  • Cost transparency by real budget prices from the test series
  • Low-cost bridging of capacity bottlenecks


  • Contract manufacturing of high-quality powders and granulates (single component or multi-component systems) using special, continuous fluidised-bed granulation and spray drying
  • Combined processing of solids and liquids (as aqueous solutions, suspensions, emulsions or melts)
  • Development and manufacture of innovative powders and granulates (encapsulation/coatings/slow release)
  • Integrated services for development: from laboratory (0.1–5 kg) through pilot (20–5,000 kg) to full-scale production (20 – 10,000 tonnes per annum)
  • Production capacity: up to 100,000 tonnes solids per annum
  • Logistics (coordination of raw materials delivery, storage of liquid and solid materials, mixing and dosing, packing, dispatch of end products)
  • Analytics (standard and customised analysis methods)