Precursors: • Aqueous solutions • Emulsions • Suspensions • Waxes • Fusible raw materials (in the form of melts, melt emulsions and melt suspensions)

All precursors are sprayed for drying. We convert them into a liquid, sprayable state beforehand, if necessary.

In our plants in Genthin we can mix, disperse, emulsify, heat, cool and, where appropriate, neutralise or carry out chemical conversion reactions immediately before spraying.


Spray drying is the classic thermal drying process for liquids. These are sprayed in at the top of the spray tower and dry in free fall through hot air (convection). The temperature is defined precisely, the heat transfer between the liquid droplets and the volume of air is short but intensive. In this way we generate powdery particles with particle sizes in the 20 to 200 µm range.


  • Fast and controlled drying in seconds
  • Short duration of thermal loads on the droplets being dried and the particles produced
  • Production of hollow spheres with valuable dissolution characteristics