Fluidised Bed and Spray Drying Technologies – the Foundations of Our Services

Today fluidised bed technology is a thermal drying technology that complements classic spray drying in several industrial sectors. These two technologies serve as the basis for our versatile contract services.

Spray drying enables solutions, suspensions or emulsions to be converted into fine-grained, free flowing powders, whereby the product to be dried is finely atomised. This spray mist is dried in a hot air stream.

In the fluidised bed technology, a fluid medium flows through a container filled with solid particles. This flow transforms the particles into a fluidised state – they mix with the medium. The result is a loosened, free flowing mass of fine-grained particles – a so-called fluidised bed.

The main feature of the fluidised bed technology is a very good heat and mass transfer. The excellent drying characteristics in the fluidised bed enable the use of other processes such as spray granulation, spray agglomeration or coating.

Different procedure and process steps can be combined in continuous or also discontinuous modes, also known as batch mode. The physical properties of the materials to be processed can be specifically influenced in this way. The result: Particle systems in precisely defined sizes and shapes, homogeneous and dust-free, with taste masking, controlled release of the ingredients and protective coating if required.